Rooibos Turmeric Chai - Economy Pack (140g)

8 weeks - 56 serves - 140g

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    Combine the best of Africa and India and you get an incredibly healthy chai that ticks all the boxes. It's caffeine-free, dairy-free, organic, is packed with anti-oxidants and bioavailable turmeric, and it's delicious!
    • Absolutely packed with Anti-oxidants for fighting aging and cancer,
    • Caffeine-free, dairy-free and vegan,
    • Enjoy anti-inflammatory and mental health benefits of bioavailable Turmeric,
    • Boost your health with proven Ayurvedic spices that heal and support,
    • Killer flavour (think caramel meets spice!).
    Always organic, sugar-free with the best "bits" left in, as all health foods should be.

    Organic Ingredients: Rooibos, Turmeric, Cardamom, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cinnamon
    "Love it! I absolutely love this product. I’m a big fan of all three, Rooibos, Tumeric and Chai so this was my dream solution!" - Shirley H (Verified Buyer)

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