Become an Affiliate

Become a Change Chai Affiliate

Help others make a healthy change, and earn money along the way.

What is an Affiliate?

If you become a Change Chai Affiliate, you can sell our products through your website, blog, email newsletter or
 social media sites. It’s so simple. You just add a small banner image like the on the right, or a text link, to your page. Any users who click through and make a Change Chai purchase within a month will be tracked to you. You can make money anytime, day or night.

Can anyone be an Affiliate?

Yes. Anyone with an online presence can make money through this program. Choose from a range of ready-made banner ads to suit your page, or use a simple text link.

How much money can I make?

You can make 15% on the value of each sale. So, if one of your users purchases a 16 Week Pack of Change Chai, you’ll make $11.25. We estimate that around 65% of all of our online sales come from affiliate links. Once you reach $100, your commission will be automatically transferred to your bank account at month end. Simple!

How do I sign-up?

It’s easy – just click here.

Got questions? Just email us.