My Change to a Better Me..

I want my family to live in a happy and healthy community. And I want to do my bit where I can. I do this as a surf lifesaver, an ruOK? Day Ambassador and I run a small consultancy that creates positive safety cultures. Helping people to be their best feels right to me.

But a few years ago, if I was honest, I wasn’t at my best. I was a second-hand Dad, tired, unfit, run down and my marriage wasn’t firing. I felt like a hypocrite, and I knew I needed to change, but where do you start?

My safety culture work taught me that change starts by being mindful of your habits. Most real change is mindset driven. If you can consciously change a “keystone” habit, it can become a blueprint that ripples throughout other parts of your life. So I looked for my Keystone Habit. The question for me was, what was I holding on to that I didn’t want to let go of? And it was coffee.

I loved coffee. It was my daily start-up, how I caught up with friends, it was my thing. But as a new parent, I now needed it to stay awake. I knew it made me jittery and hit my adrenals, but what under-slept, over-worked parent doesn’t want coffee? It wasn't until I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue that I got serious.  

So I tried tea, but it fell short of coffee for me. And most coffee alternatives are packed with sugar and artificial crap. I searched for years, and I didn’t find it. So I made my own, and I called it my "Change Chai".

I wanted the healthiest, most bulletproof drink to support my journey to find a better me. I blended antioxidant packed Japanese Matcha Green Tea with a mix of medicinal chai spices. The chai is100% organic, sugar-free and tastes great. I get my greens, antioxidants, energy-boost and clear my head courtesy of my cuppa. I weaned off the afternoon coffee first, then changed my morning one when it felt right.

And the ripple effect happened. I’m fitter, I’ve lost weight, I’ve reinvented my career, I’m more positive, and best of all, I’m a lot better Dad. It’s work in progress, but I’m a better version of me and I’m doing my bit for my community again. 

That’s what Change Chai is about, helping people live a life they love. And it can start with a simple change.


Alistair Schuback Change Chai

Al Schuback

(My family at the top - Jack, Kath, Lily and me)


PS: That's my story, feel free to contact me with yours - cheers, Al