How much sugar do you cafe treats contain? The Cafe Sugar Audit

This blog has come after a little moment I had at my local cafe. I wanted a chai and then, all of a sudden, I wanted a treat. I'm an 80/20 person and have the sweet treat moment like just everyone else (definitely not perfect!)

So I decided to have a look at the options on the front counter. I realised just about everything was a sugar hit and just about every cafe I have gone to since has the same.

And it's not the cafe's issue, they sell what I buy. Maybe the high sugar is because cafes are like a lolly shop, it's our treat and time out for a chat.

So how much sugar are we talking? 

Some facts before you read on.

  • There are 4g of sugar in a teaspoon
  • The World Health Organisation recommends 25g or 6 teaspoons a day for adults
  • The World Health Organisation recommends 9g or 3 teaspoons a day for kids aged 4-8 years old

Here are the results.

Cinnamon Scroll sugar

Cinnamon Scroll: 25g Sugar/ 100g - 25% Sugar - 100% Dietary Intake - Adult


chocolate brownie sugar

Chocolate Brownie - 31.7g/ 100g - 31.7% Sugar - 132% Dietary Intake - Adult


caramel slice sugar

Salted Caramel Slice - 9.4g Sugar/ 24g Slice - 39% Sugar - 37% Dietary Intake - Adult


double choc cookie sugar

Double Choc Cookie - 40g Sugar/ 100g - 40% Sugar - 160% Dietary Intake - Adult


museli cookie sugar

Museli Cookie (Gluten Free) - 36.1g Sugar/ 100g - 36.% Sugar - 144% Dietary Intake - Adult


raspberry muffin sugar

Raspberry  Muffin - 36.1g Sugar Per Muffin - 144% Dietary Intake - Adult



Chocolate Freckle Sugar Content

Chocolate Freckle - 1.4g Sugar / 2.4g Serve - 58% Sugar - 5% Dietary Intake - Adult



Banana Bread Sugar Content

Banana Bread - 33g Sugar / 110g Serving - 30% Sugar - 132% Dietary Intake - Adult

2.5 times my 4-year-olds limit (oops!).


So "I'll have a coffee with one sugar and a banana bread" means "I'll have 37g of sugar and 148% or my daily requirements, thanks". It gets you thinking.

I'm feeling a little funny about the banana bread I buy my boy occasionally on a Saturday morning. I want to have a treat but I'm hitting pretty hard on the sugar front.

Protien balls anyone? 

Alistair Schuback
Alistair Schuback