10 Places for a Matcha Moment: Health Travel the World

Those people that know me would know that I love the world, love travel and I love to dream. Dreaming is healthy and good for the soul. And having been to over 50 countries in my pre-children days, travel dreams are essential for my two-children lifestyle.

So when I talked to our friends at Health and Fitness Travel (http://www.healthandfitnesstravel.com.au), I got on their website and zoned out for a while.(Samantha - you didn't have to twist my arm at all, I'll do that myself thanks.)

So this blog, though not overly complex and a little indulgent, is about where I would like to be having a Matcha Moment.....right now, courtesy of the Health and Fitness Travel catalogue.

Bon voyage!


No. 1: Maalifushi by COMO - The Maldives

Matcha Moments in the Maldives
I was lucky enough to go surfing in the Maldives in 1996 and it's just amazing (actually with Pete Evans, another story...). A mate of mine just got back last month and he had the same smile I did when I came back. Still got it.


No. 2: Red Mountain Resort - USA

Change Chai moment at Red Mountain Resort

There is something about the desert in America that gets me. The colours are so strong, the skies are deep blue, bit like Australia I guess. A little Change Chai at sunrise, a matcha cocktail at sunset!


No. 3: Zingy Bay Resort - Oman

Change Chai meets Oman

I was first introduced to Oman by some haunted music I heard at a Zanzibar backpackers and I've been angling that way ever since. Let's hope sooner rather than later. The depth of this shot is amazing.


No. 4: Lefay Resort - Italy

Lefay Resort poolside with Chai

I can't forget the kids entirely. They say this place is a family-friendly resort. I say, bring that #$#% on! I think if I sat poolside at Lefay in Italy for a while, the kids would promptly be forgotten.

(I've just noticed there are 4 shots, 3 pools... yea, I love a good pool)


No. 5: Shanti Maurice - Mauritius

Mauritius and Matcha Chai

I'd be lying if I didn't choose this one for the little right hander that seems to be peeling of the reef. The black and white has me a little intrigued as well. Every shot I have seen of Mauritius is blue, blue and more blue (with the odd white sand beach). One Matcha Chai Frappe please.


No. 6: Absolute Sanctuary - Thailand

Thailand Yoga meets Matcha Chai

Just about everything on Koh Samui Island in Thailand is beautiful. The food is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the sunsets are beautiful, so much so I've been 3 times. And they know detox which, following Xmas, is why I'd like to give this place a run.


No. 7: Aro Ha - New Zealand

New Zealand and Matcha

I love the freshness of New Zealand. The Southern Alps around Wanaka are such a great playground and give you that full connection back to nature. This shot just got me with the early morning mountains, beautiful accommodation and the dream of what the day holds... with a hot cuppa in hand.


No. 8: Costa Rica Discover Recover - Costa Rica

Costa Rica lush rainforest change chai style

I found myself in Costa Rica in 2009 for a brief trip to some rainforest areas. Too brief for my liking. This photo sort of sums it up for me. Jungle treetop walkway, steaming volcano, lush rainforest, more than a bit of adventure to be had to recharge. Let's go.


No. 9: Fivelements Puri Ahimsa - Bali

Yoga bali style with change chai chaser

We took the family to Bali last year for some surfing and relaxation. While I loved the waves and food and relaxation, what I really loved about the trip was the space for yoga that we went to each day. The feeling you get when you reconnect in an earthy, quiet, authentic space is really grounding. This sums it up for me. I love where this guy is at right now. And I wish my back bend was as good as his.


No. 10: Zanzibar- Tanzania

Zanzibar dreaming Change Chai

I could die on Zanzibar. I could sit and watch sunsets there forever. In 1999, I ate fresh calamari from the beach fisherman, swam with dolphins, dived with barracuda, waltzed to late night african jazz and felt amazing. I intended to go for 3 days and stayed for 3 weeks. Kilamanjaro could wait.


So thanks for the indulgence Health and Fitness Travel, and thank you all for a little space to dream. Hope it gets you thinking about what "good" looks like for you because if you make the change, you might just end up with "great".



Alistair Schuback
Alistair Schuback