Recipe: Chia Pudding with Coconut and Matcha Chai swirl

There are so many variations of this recipe and you can play around with different milks and thickness to get it right for you, but this is how I like to make mine. Enjoy and feel free to post or share any variations and pics.

 Recipe: Chia Pudding with Coconut and Matcha Chai swirl

400ml organic coconut milk
3 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 tsp Change Chai Matcha Chai
Seasonal fruit, for topping



Change Chai Fruit

In a bowl or sealable container, mix the chia seeds with your milk (you can substitute almond milk or even coconut water here). I have a glass jar with a lid that I put them into and just SHAKE!!! (quick and easy).


Scrap any stray seeds back down into the milk.

Sprinkle your Matcha Chai (you can add more for more spice) on tip and gently stir through the mixture leaving it visible (not completely mixed through).

Seal the container or cover your bowl and place in the fridge for 3hours, but overnight works really well.

Check the consistency and you can always add more liquid if need be, sweeter (if your a sweet tooth) or chai.

To serve, add sliced or diced fruit, add to your favourite summer breakfast with yoghurt and muesli, or sneak a spoonful when no-one is looking. Yum.



Alistair Schuback
Alistair Schuback