Fancy a Change Chai Matcha Coco Frappe right now? Yes please.

Fancy a Change Chai Matcha Coco Frappe right now?

I don't know about you, but hot coffee or chai and 38 deg C heat don't mix. I think it's time for a simple change up for your afternoon pep.

I've always loved frappes since enjoying a hot greek island summer holiday with mates. There's something really nice about a cold frappe on a long afternoon by the Med that works.

Here's a little escape for our afternoon health kick. Ready in 20 seconds. Super simple, really good for you.

1. Add a flat teaspoon of Change Matcha Chai to a cup

2. Add 10 mls of hot water, stir to dissolve (5 secs is fine - cold water doesn't quite do the trick)

3. Top up with Organic Coconut Milk (the quality counts), add a few ice cubes

4. Whisk with a frappe wand or use a blender to blend it up.....I like a little mint garnish for a twist.

5. Recline in your sun lounge poolside, open your favourite book/ mag, sip and relax.

I think we should all do the last point regardless. Enjoy!

Alistair Schuback
Alistair Schuback