Why We Love Ginger in the Morning

A cleaner way to perk up your energy

Between work, kids, and long hectic schedules, many people are pushing themselves to do more each day by way of caffeinated drinks. They give an initial quick boost, but then over time the caffeine burns out our adrenal systems leading to adrenal fatigue. This disease increases the stress hormone cortisol which causes reduced energy and even weight gain. While there are benefits to drinks like coffee, over consumption and dependence on them for energy is unhealthy. By taking another look in your spice cabinet, you can find a better way to get an energy boost. It’s called ginger.

Bring On the Spices!

Ginger has many unique properties and hidden benefits. Most people think of Ginger for its ability to soothe upset stomachs. It’s also great for the flu, but this isn't all ginger can do though.

As mentioned above, Ginger can lift energy, but not in the same way coffee does. Ginger increases circulation and helps make blood move more easily through out the body. Better circulation stops the sluggish feeling many feel in the morning. There are some amazing benefits with Ginger:

  • Acting as an inflammatory agent
  • Increased calming effects after consuming it
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Helping to remove toxins

How to get your Ginger?

Research says adults shouldn’t consume more than four grams of ginger daily to get all of its benefits. Children should only take half of that amount. Because of ginger's taste, adding it to food is the common way to get your ginger. Stir frys, curries, soups, even a bit grated on your fish with some lime…. Yum!

For me, a delicious way to get more ginger is to drink chai tea. A large part of chai ingredients is ginger which gives the energy boost along side the lower caffeine dose.

If you are after a natural energy boost, give ginger a try. A little added to your daily morning routine might make all the difference.

Alistair Schuback
Alistair Schuback