Melbourne Tea Festival - The wrap-up and rug up.

How good was The Melbourne Tea Festival (MTF)! Fantastic products, creations and an awesome turnout, I think the final numbers were edging close to 4500 tea tasters.


It was busy! We went through almost 32L of milk, 15L of coconut milk, sampled 4 types of chai and talked.... all day!

It was the first hit out for our 2 new flavours, Tulsi Tumeric Chai and Classic Indian Spice Chai. We had 150 subscribers for the two new flavours which was a great response.

Also, it was great to have so many people take part in our social media competition - winner of the $100+ goodies basket to be announced this week!

Big thanks to Carle Rutledge and Nick Saw who helped out on the day. My 30 week pregnant body was tired to say the least.

So Melbourne people, thanks for the welcome and see you next year. Sydney, see you in September!

Kathryn Schuback
Kathryn Schuback