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100% Organic Matcha Chai

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Matcha Chai: 100% Organic, Sugar-Free, Energy Boosting, Antioxidant Powerhouse

Matcha Chai Benefits Sugar Free Matcha Chai Benefits Gluten Free Matcha Chai Benefits Unprocessed (with healthy bits!)

Matcha Chai Benefits 100% Vegan Matcha Chai Benefits Dairy Free Matcha Chai Benefits 100% Organic 

Matcha = Incredible antioxidants

More than 146 times those of regular Green Tea

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By creating insanely healthy chai, we transform your daily cuppa into a healthy ritual for body and mind.


And if you want someone else to make your chai...

Change Chai The Pavilion The Newport Maloneys Barzura

4 Week "Value" Pack (28 servings - 70g)

Your 4 Week Value Pack is a month of "Matcha Chai" goodness.

And all under $1 a cup.

Here's why it works:

  • Get a 43% boost in metabolism and energy to burn off the excess "KJs",
  • Our Matcha has 146 time the anti-oxidants of normal green tea,
  • The L-Theanine amino acid in the Matcha calms and focuses the mind.
  • Packed with proven Ayurvedic spices that heal and support,
  • Always 100% Organic and always Sugar-Free, as all health foods should be

It's Matcha with benefits, and is incredibly good for your body and mind.

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