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Change Chai Matcha Chai

By creating really healthy, delicious chai, we transform your average cuppa into a mindful habit for health

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Linda Gryparic Change Chai Naturopath

As a Naturopath I am always looking for healthy, therapeutic and tasty beverage alternatives to suggest to patients. Especially those who are on a detox or those who simply consume far too much coffee or sugar. I am a huge fan of and highly recommend Change Chai's Matcha Green Tea Chai. Not only is it a fabulous digestive aid and potent antioxidant, it also tastes delicious making the transition from highly processed sugary varieties an easier one. 

Lynda Gryparic - Naturopath, Byron Bay


4 Week "Value" Pack (28 servings - 70g)

A month of "Matcha Chai" goodness (at under $1 a day!)

  • Get a 43% boost in metabolism and energy to burn off the excess "KJs",
  • Our Matcha has 146 time the anti-oxidants of normal green tea,
  • The L-Theanine amino acid in the Matcha calms and focuses the mind,
  • Packed with proven Ayurvedic spices that heal and support,
  • Always 100% Organic and always Sugar-Free, as all health foods should be.

"I love this stuff! My partner is all about tea although I'm mostly a coffee drinker, but we both love Change Chai. I'm going to try my teenage daughter on it next- she's always asking for chai lattes, which I know have heaps of sugar" -Bonnie K. - Dulwich HIll, NSW

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